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Discovery Session

by Aimee

Discovery Session - 90 minutes
€ 125,-

In this (online) discovery session of 90 minutes you can ask all your questions about moving abroad.

  • Are you thinking about moving abroad and you want to know what it is like?
  • Do you want to know how to prepare yourself?
  • Do you have concerns you want to talk about?
  • Do you have questions about living in (the south of) France?
  • Are you experiencing feelings of doubt or guilt towards your family or children?

After this session you will have more clarity on what to expect. You will be more confident on what to do next.


Prepare yourself

I sat on my mountain, had a nice view but I didn't feel complete, as if I had just been moved and the rhythm was completely gone. When you offered your course to get me started, I seized it. I doubted beforehand whether I had a problem at all. Didn't really want to see it. So when I saw your course the first time I thought "no, it's not that bad". I thought I could do it easily. Until I seemed to doubt everything and then it seemed wise to do the course anyway. In the end I made a big spurt of growth. I feel much better at home now and every day I can enjoy it even more. I have learned that small steps can also get you far, a dive into the deep is not necessary at all and that this can happen to anyone. For the coaching I was uncertain and could not quite find the way, now I interact with the locals and make friends. Your persuasion and guidance helped me with this. My advice to anyone who doubts: just do it, who doesn't dare who certainly doesn't win!
(Testimonial translated from Dutch)
Miranda Stultjens