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by Aimee

At home Abroad Package - 2 months program
€ 450,-

In two months you will discover how to make the best start possible abroad

After two months you will:

  • have a practical overview of all the important steps you need to take (and started doing them)
  • have prepared yourself for possible emergencies (doctor, hospital, flat tire etc.)
  • understand what is important in feeling at home again
  • know how to prepare for cultural differences
  • have an idea which emotions that are part of moving abroad
  • have a plan what to aim for during the next few months 
  • be confident about your move and the future ahead 

The first few months after arriving in a new country are very important. You will probably experience excitement and positive feelings about the step you have made. This is the time to enjoy your new adventure abroad.

The first few months are also the time to provide yourself with a firm base for your life abroad. It is the time to settle in and provide yourself and your family with a new home. You actually did it and maybe you start to wonder what to do next. 

Questions you might have are:

  • What should I do first?
  • How do I prepare myself for emergencies (find a new doctor, dentist, garage etc).
  • How do  I meet new friends?

There definitely comes a moment when the first positive feelings start to change  and you will encounter some challenges or negative experiences. Expectations you had had the beginning will not come true. You might feel out of balance because of all the changes you have gone trough. You will experience the first cultural differences. 

Feelings you might experience:

  • Feelings of being insecure.  Did I make the right decision to come here?
  • Feelings of disappointment. Is this it?
  • Feelings of loneliness, grieve and homesickness.

You can prepare for this. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Give yourself the best possible start in feeling at home abroad

Online Coaching


Tips & Advice

All Time Email Guidance

Family Attention

1 Intake session

4 coaching calls during 2 months.

Calls take place online. From your own home, in your own time.

Offline sessions are available in the area of Grasse (06), France.

Your personal situation is key in this program. All is adapted to your personal situation. 

I will share all the tips, tricks and advice I have gathered the last 5 years.

From my own experience but also everything I encountered as an expat coach.

During the sessions you can contact me via email to keep the process going. No need to wait for the next call.

If you have a family moving abroad affects everyone. it is important that everyone in the family regains his balance. 

Good communication is key and if needed this will get attention also.

I sat on my mountain, had a nice view but I didn't feel complete, as if I had just been moved and the rhythm was completely gone. When you offered your course to get me started, I seized it. I doubted beforehand whether I had a problem at all. Didn't really want to see it. So when I saw your course the first time I thought "no, it's not that bad". I thought I could do it easily. Until I seemed to doubt everything and then it seemed wise to do the course anyway. In the end I made a big spurt of growth. I feel much better at home now and every day I can enjoy it even more. I have learned that small steps can also get you far, a dive into the deep is not necessary at all and that this can happen to anyone. For the coaching I was uncertain and could not quite find the way, now I interact with the locals and make friends. Your persuasion and guidance helped me with this. My advice to anyone who doubts: just do it, who doesn't dare who certainly doesn't win!
(Testimonial translated from Dutch)
Miranda Stultjens