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by Aimee

Do you feel at home in your new country?

You moved abroad to start a new adventure. You followed your dreams to an exciting future full of optimism. Ready to enjoy your new life you thought carefully about every detail. You care about your family and it is very important to you that your family feels at home in your new environment. From the outside, it looks like you have it all. But you feel differently. Even though you appear to have everything, you are not happy.

Do you recognize this?

  • You do not feel at home
  • Living abroad is harder than you expected
  • You don't know what to do, what your next step should be
  • You experience cultural differences and want to know how to handle them
  • Making friends is tougher than you imagined
  • You feel lonely

It is a situation that will not resolve itself. You will not feel better automatically. In fact, things are likely to get worse and you will start to doubt the choices you have made. Your family relationships may start to suffer and you may not like the person you are becoming. It is time for a new start.  

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Hello, my name is Aimée. In 2015 I moved from The Netherlands to France for a new adventure in my life. Moving abroad has been one of the most courageous steps in my life and I still enjoy every minute of it. 

I have however also experienced the challenges that come with living in another country. What it really takes start all over again, to experience cultural differences, to learn a new languages, to find new friends etc. I have experienced feelings of loneliness, doubt, grieve, uselessness and being out of balance. 

As an expat coach I help others in how to feel at home (again) in a new country so you can fully enjoy your new life and the major step you have taken.


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